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  • Embedded Product Engineering
  • Software Product Engineering

  • Electronics Hardware
  • Embedded firmware & middleware
  • Verification & Validation

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  • Desktop | Mobile | Web & Cloud applications
  • Testing & Automation

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Semiconductor Chip Designers

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TCMS and its role in modern rail safety

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Rail wiring -The need for a robust system

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The pervasive use of semiconductors is evident all around us u2013 automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, with a total of 30 billion IoT connections expected by 2025. Connected devices & AI, the technology megatrend, is driving the development of custom chipsets


It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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  1. Service-based approach hosted on the cloud to present a uniform interface to all clients
  2. Enabled Service Oriented Architecture to interconnect myriad array of clients
  3. Interconnection of various systems for data gathering
  4. Distribution of “E-Signature” to interested parties in a timely and cost-e­ective manner
  5. Allow any “identified” client to upload “E-Signatures” and an identified client to query for signatures.
  6. Scalable authentication mechanism that can scale “Active Directory on Cloud”
  7. A collection of Web, Worker and Service roles was created to provide a rapidly scalable and modifiable platform
  8. An in-built capability to adopt “Active Directory on Cloud” for the longer run

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  1. Reduction in IT cost to a few hundred dollars per month (~200), to maintain the UAT and production
  2. Downtime was maintained at 0


  1. 10000 E-Signature can be uploaded per day
  2. Response time for signature verification is now less than 3sec


  1. Solution deployed on Azure AWS
  2. E-Signatures capture on handheld devices for Proof of Delivery

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