Significant part burn down reduction with Supply Chain Delivery Assurance and Management

Single click master parts tracker with real time communication to improve MRP performance

Improve 60% savings, 80% asset tracking and 10% terminal throughput

Smart Intermodal Management System for precise control of Terminal operations product lines

MRO support using Predictive Analytics for Intelligent decision making

Return parts back on-wing quickly, efficiently, and at minimum cost

Operator Training Simulator

Developing a Signaling Subsystem for Urban and Industrial Signaling solutions

Automated Train Supervision Development

Development of Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for Urban and Industrial signaling solutions

Train Performance: Trip Optimizer – Dev and V&V

Customer is a global leader in driving high-tech change across the rail industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance.

Industrial Software Development & Testing

To develop centralized CBTC-SIL4 signaling and monitoring system as per CENELEC EN 50128 standards.

ETCS Onboard Software Development & Testing

ETCS Onboard Software Development & Testing for preventing accidents and Increased traffic capacity

Interiors Design for a DMU Train with 66% cost saving and 100% on time delivery

Fast, global and timely access to improve operational effectiveness

Ensuring Quality Design Drafting for Plastic Silencer

The customer has been aware of the fact that the silencer panel used in the Inlet Filter house of Gas Turbine has a complex fabrication process and assembling sequence.