Customer Challenge

Design Drafting for Plastic Silencer

The customer has been aware of the fact that the silencer panel used in the Inlet Filter house of Gas Turbine has a complex fabrication process and assembling sequence. The same is also subjected to corrosion. 

They wanted a design partner who can provide assured assistance to address the issue. They also wanted to achieve cost reduction without compromising on the quality and design parameters.


  • To reduce
  • Fabrication and Installation process cycle-time
  • Weight and cost of the Silencer Panel


Proposed solution is to change the material of the silencer duct panel from steel to plastic 



  • Accurate 3D CAD models of plastic silencer were created as a modular design
  • Assembling approach similar to Lego blocks has been generated in CAD
  • Clash checks were simulated with silencer duct to avoid interferences in CAD
  • Complex Melanine Foam Insulation were 3D modelled in CAD
  • Fabrication and assembly drawing has been created


  • Plastic frames are made of required shapes and sizes, using injection molding & ease to fabricate
  • Assembly approach is Lego blocks
  • Easy to fill Insulation material - Melamine Foam
  • No issues with assembling because of precise dimensions of plastic panels (advanced production)
  • No corrosion issues
  • Modules size/shape remains the same for other GT frames. Minimizes the number of molds


  • Eliminated the use of gas lines
  • Removed dual fuel design option assemblies