Customer Challenge

A major aircraft OEM to optimize utilization of aircraft by minimizing aircraft on ground needs reactive daily repair solutions and fleet analysis of the impact of the intended retrofit Mod installations on the previous repairs through non-reactive repair solutions.

As a large number of such cases arise for daily structural repairs, it was challenging to handle such cases in-house and hence the need of an engineering services partner emerged


  • Input review on Airlines damage reports, SRM, Type Certification and relevant other reports
  • Repair solutions on Daily Repairs and non-reactive Retrofit Repairs


  • Repair solutions through previous adaptations or new instructions including design solutions
  • Margin recalculation to restore strength and stability
  • Life reassessment through inspection threshold calculations
  • Static, F&DT justification reports
  • Repair design approval sheet, Stress approval sheet, Fatigue approval sheet



  • Covered 20 mod variants within particular aircraft category
  • All aspects of Repairs on every damage types covered
  • Recommendation towards maintenance program revision by inspection calculation and MSG3 Logic analysis
  • Certification documents for Means of Compliance (MoC)
  • Visual Management System (VMS) to access relevant documents on analysis methods, on stress values for different variants


  • Full ownership at author level and delivered artefacts to approval standards
  • Reduced lead time in response through lessons learnt database and VMS
  • Offshored over 10K hours of work with cost and time saving


  • Reduction in lead time for analysis by Visual Management System