Customer Challenge

Fixed Leading Edge components design change for new engine 


A major aircraft OEM required a new engine mounting option for one of its aircraft series. The new engine along with weight optimized wing structures and aerodynamic improvements would reduce 14% fuel burn per seat. As the new engine is heavier and larger, redesign of wing structural components aroused. 


The OEM sought for a partner to redesign fixed leading edge wing components and support certification.


  • Fixed Leading Edge components static stress analysis and recommend design changes to accommodate new engine


  • Static strength analysis
  • Factoring analysis
  • Identification of low Reserve Factor (RF) zones and develop approach methods to mitigate these low RFs
  • Proposed design changes



  • Integrated Design & Stress
  • Support PDR, CDR approvals
  • Release Certification dossiers:
  • Sub-Spar and D-Nose
  • FLE Ribs


  • Faster design improvement achieved
  • Improved aircraft performance


  • On-time delivery of improved design Identified 7 critical zones for design changes
  • Deliverables were FTR (First Time Right) 189KG
  • Weight reduction per wing set