• Demonstrate the capability of CFD to accurately model flows in the hypersonic regime, using relevant validation cases from the literature.


  • Conduct a high-level overview of hypersonic flow and the challenges associated with accurate modeling of flow in this regime.
  • Utilize local resources and rely upon ANSYS technical experts for guidance and best practice methods.
  • Assemble 2-3 validation cases from the literature, and compare CFD results to the published data.
  • Geometry, mesh, and the CFD case will have to be created.
  • Offer insight into the importance of modeling chemical reaction.
  • Compare results between meshes using Fluent adaptive refinement.



  • Chemical reactions only start to crop up at flow speeds greater than Mach 8.
  • Fluent is very capable of running hypersonic flow regimes.
  • Density-based solver created specifically for high-speed compressible flow regimes.
  • Built-in Hypersonic Solution steering helps stabilize the results over the course of the run.
  • Quest has the capability to model hypersonic flows with CFD.