Customer Challenge

A leading aircraft OEM had to develop aircraft maintenance manual for its new military transport aircraft. This entails large volume of technical work and needs necessary expertise.

Aircraft OEM was looking for a partner who is experienced and has necessary capability and capacity to deliver technical publication for this program.


  • Development of military aircraft maintenance manuals as per ASD S1000D and customers’ business rules
  • Integration of documentation from all suppliers for all ATA chapters


  • Retrieve and analyze documentation from legacy system
  • Authoring and illustrations as per ASD S1000D and Customer Business Rules, including:
  • Technical descriptions
  • Maintenance Manuals with removal/installation procedures
  • Testing procedures
  • Integration of documentation from suppliers



  • ASD S1000D Technical Publications for military aircraft including the following


  • Arbitrated cost by Local -Global resource engagement
  • Minimum hand holding by OEM due to experience and capability of Quest
  • Work load fluctuation handled by Quest


  • On-time delivery of aircraft maintenance manuals
  • Quality output-First time righ