New status recognizes Quest as a leader in AI & Edge Computing

Santa Clara, California, June 01, 2021: Quest Global, a global product engineering and lifecycle services company, announced that NVIDIA has recently elevated it as an Elite Service Delivery Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN). This highest-level status is awarded to organizations that have demonstrated excellence in utilizing NVIDIA accelerated computing technology solutions. This elevated designation will further enable Quest in delivering next-gen AI solutions to its customers.

With this partnership, Quest will now have early and extended access to NVIDIA platforms  and software, newly released solutions, workshops, and occasional technology updates by NVIDIA. Additionally, Quest will have access to NVIDIA  Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs) in different regions to showcase its innovative solutions built on NVIDIA technologies. As an NPN partner, Quest has been leveraging NVIDIA’s AI platform to enhance its vision inspection & defect detection solution targeted towards the industrial and manufacturing sector. The solution uses NVIDIA DGX systems to train custom vision AI models that are then deployed for high-speed edge inference and training that allow Quest customers to do rapid PoCs, allowing them to improve operational intelligence and enhance the decision-making process.

With deep learning becoming a key driver in the digital transformation of organizations, the vision inspection, and defect detection solution will showcase Quest’s capability to leverage NVIDIA GPUs  to develop real-world use cases that tackle cross-industry concerns. Quest will continue to work on more AI use cases that could be applied for autonomous vehicles, computer vision, inspection, predictive maintenance, logistics, drones, robotics, etc.

Apart from being a part of the NPN, Quest was also one of the first companies worldwide to be selected for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Consulting Partnership Program and has been part of the NVIDIA Jetson Partner Ecosystem since 2018. Quest had developed one of its innovative solutions – lung cancer nodule detection from CT scans using the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform. The solution, developed to be used in clinical diagnostics and cancer screening applications to support radiologist diagnostics, leverages the Jetson platform for deep neural network training & validation to develop models that would enhance the accuracy of analyzing CT images compared to the conventional image processing methods.

“The NPN Elite-level status is reserved for partners who demonstrate a history of expertise in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning,” said Craig Weinstein, Vice-President of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. “Quest is a strong collaborator in the development of solutions and services based on NVIDIA AI technology.”

Krish Kupathil, Head – Digital Innovation and Hi-Tech at Quest Global, said, “We are extremely proud to achieve NPN Elite partner status. This is a testament to our commitment to offer industry-leading, next-generation AI and deep learning solutions that our customers have come to expect from us. We have been leveraging the NVIDIA AI platform to accelerate digital transformation across diverse verticals spanning the healthcare, industrial, and energy sectors, to name a few. We look forward to collaborating closely with NVIDIA to drive tech-driven business growth for customers across industries.”

About Quest Global

For more than 20 years, Quest Global has been a trusted global product engineering and lifecycle services partner to many of the world’s most recognized companies in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Hi-Tech, Medical Devices, Rail and Semiconductor industries. With a presence in 13 countries, 55 global delivery centers and 11,450+ personnel, Quest Global is at the forefront of the convergence of the mechanical, electronics, software and digital engineering innovations to engineer solutions for a safer, cleaner and sustainable world. Quest Global’s deep domain knowledge and digital expertise help its clients accelerate product development and innovation cycles, create alternate revenue streams, enhance consumer experience and make manufacturing processes and operations more efficient.

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