Bangalore, India, January 12, 2009 – Quest Global, a leading provider of outsourced engineering services and manufacturing, announced today that it has acquired ASE Technologies, a Cincinnati OH headquartered engineering services company, having engineering offices in Greenville, SC and Phoenix, AZ.

ASE Technologies, founded in 1994, has achieved a very high level of competence in aerodynamic design and heat transfer analysis of advanced turbo-machinery equipment for critical customer applications, and has an extended team of over 100 engineers capable of supporting both military applications (export controlled) and commercial applications. ASE Technologies focuses on advanced engineering technology, research, product design and process development, with major emphasis on the aerospace and derivative industry. ASE Technologies’ experience in serving major aerospace companies such as aircraft engine manufacturers, airframe companies and US Government agencies includes advanced aerodynamic design, heat transfer analysis, performance prediction, component improvement and custom software development.

With this acquisition, Quest Global will become one of the premier organizations globally, to offer Aerodynamic and Fluid System (AFS) solutions. Its worldwide reach, coupled with its offshore delivery capability, will offer a very compelling value proposition to current and prospective customers. Bringing the best resources from both Quest and ASE, the merged entity will be bigger, fully committed, better prepared and trained to provide our best team for meeting our customers’ engineering services needs in the above mentioned technology disciplines.

“This acquisition benefits the clients of both companies through the leveraging of each other’s strengths. It significantly strengthens Quest Global’s Aero and Fluid Systems capabilities to now offer system level design solutions to complex engineering problems, and enables Quest Global to achieve high levels of consulting services for our rapidly expanding customer base. I look forward to working with the ASE team to further build upon their success story.” said James Gallo, Vice President, Energy, Quest Global.

For a company that has been providing advanced engineering design and analysis services for over 15 years, with commitment to utmost quality and at best value for its customers, this acquisition by Quest Global will enable ASE to attain higher levels of customer dedication and service excellence for a diverse pool of customers. “I am very excited about the talent, resources and combined opportunities presented by Quest Global to ASE engineers through this acquisition.” said Mani Subramanian, President ASE Technologies.

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