Platform Engineering Services

The pervasive use of semiconductors is evident all around us - automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, with a total of 30 billion IoT connections expected by 2025. Connected devices & AI, the technology megatrend, is driving the development of custom chipsets.

Engineering Chronicles

Cost Reduction

Developed BSPs for Infotainment & Instrument Cluster platforms for a Semiconductor leader in automotive SoCs to lower R&D cost by 30% and shrink development time.

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Customer Enablement

Operating a joint AI Lab with a semiconductor major to develop, validate and deploy AI/DL solution accelerators for customer enablement across multiple industries.

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Customer Enablement

R&D support, image quality enhancement, PoC development to speed up customer enablement for a leading Japanese CMOS camera sensor provider.

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Chip Design

Chip design for a new generation AR/VR platform targeting gaming & entertainment for a Consumer software major.

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  • PoCs, Demos and Applications targeted for industry use cases
  • Integration services for industry standards and middleware stacks
  • Industry 4.0 and Digital transformation applications

  • Artificial Intelligence /DL/ML
  • Vision platforms & applications
  • Data Analytics
  • IoT Edge devices
  • Security

  • Firmware, BSP, Device driver
  • OS customization and porting
  • Design & development of HW & SW platforms - RDK, SDK
  • FPGA Services - Rapid Prototyping, RTL design, System modelling, Verification
  • Testing, V&V services, Test Automation

It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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