The Driver cab is a key area that needs ergonomic design because the driver needs to operate several equipment, coordinate with platform staff and should also be able to visualize the track at high speed. When the driver is sitting, he should be able to see far enough of the track through the windscreen. Also, there is a side-window provided so that on the platform when the train is halted, the driver can see the station staff, and also the signals available at the end of the platform. The other key challenge for driver cab design is the multiplicity of equipment contributing to the difference in layout of these equipment from one cab to another. Some of these requirements also come from the end customer.

The standard of ergonomics dictate that all the equipment and buttons should be reachable and the windscreen should be clear enough to see the tracks in both sitting and standing position. Space for drivers need not feel claustrophobic as drivers spend a considerable time in the cab which should make them feel comfortable.

Safety, accessibility, ergonomics of the driver dictate how eventually the driver cab design will pan out. Also, ensuring the law of the land in terms of the standards that need to be certified.

Apart from the ergonomic study, we support end to end - the actual design in terms of concepts, development of the concepts, and releasing the end product. We support from concept design to detail design and release of design, including supplier coordination and build support.

Using onsite & offshore model with the best cost option we own the build end to end with our onshore people working like customer SPCs. They will connect with the structural team, talk to the procurement team and help in identifying the supplier, and also talk to the supplier for manufacturability reviews. Once there is an agreement with the supplier, then we get the approval from the client. There is minimal customer drag in the process which is the key differentiator for Quest.

We not only look into the complete design of the driver cab, but we also ensure that it integrates well into the entire ecosystem by providing the right support as per electrical and electro-mechanical analysis work. All the interfaces that the driver cab has to deal with we can do that with full ownership as we are already providing that service elsewhere. What we are designing today takes care of the maintainability, manufacturability & serviceability aspects in the future when the build happens.

The standards which we adhere to are the GMRT for the structural requirement of the cab and EN15227 for the structural stability of the cab.

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