Human potential is boundary-less, so is our D&I policy

At Quest we work towards engineering an organization that explores the full potential of an individual, growing beyond race, gender and physical abilities. Following our principle of Working with others, we are committed to fostering a culture of equality that encourages innovation and makes the world better, safer and sustainable. We create a conducive environment where talent finds the right opportunity to grow. 


Questians work co-operatively and in an appropriate and fair manner to achieve business goals. Fostering a growth-centric culture, Quest is committed to providing equal opportunities and administering its personnel practices and to maintain an environment free of discrimination or harassment on the basis of a person's perceived protected characteristics such as disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or identity. 


We nurture cross-cultural diversity, gender equality, freedom from color bias, and focus on creating a more open and inclusive environment. Irrespective of race, gender and ethnicity, our people receive equal pay and respect and we strive to help them achieve their true potential.


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Women Engineering at Quest

Celebrating the Brave Women Engineers Who #ShapeTheWorld

with Dr. Claudia, Interviews of women leaders 

Join us for the session led by Dr Claudia Süssmuth Dyckerhoff, Quest Global Board Member and moderated by Dr Ajay Prabhu, President of Technology Services, Quest Global.

Why Quest


Global Customers & Challenging Projects

We have a rich range of multi-national customers from diverse backgrounds and verticals that bring many challenging projects to the table.

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Employee Testimonials

Hello, I would like to write these lines to tell everyone who wants to read it, that I have had the great fortune to work in a company where they do not look at what you are, how you are or where you come from, they simply value the talent, knowledge, dedication and professionalism in each one of us. This is Quest, a company where there is equality and where we all have the same opportunities for development, growth and reward. We are heard, treated and understood equally regardless of our gender.
As a leader, I transfer all these values to my colleagues and I always associate opportunities and candidacies to new processes taking into account that we are qualified people without worrying about the gender or nationality, because this is what we learn in our day to day work at Quest.

-Rosalía Ramil

"Since I joined Quest I have felt that I am just another member of the team, with no differences.
My opinion has been taken into account, I have received and been provided with technical support when I needed it. Respect has been a priority at all times among colleagues.
I hope that in the near future there will be no need to highlight the situation of equality in any sector."

-Alba  Clemente

Quest strives to maintain transparency on a daily basis so that there are no barriers between leaders and employees.
The Manager plays a key role in making the team work together and we all work as one, no matter where we are in the world, thanks to our local-global model. This makes our work easier and much better.

-Macarena López

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