Connect | Communicate | Control – 3Cs of innovation in the automotive industry

Automobiles are no longer just about transporting you from one place to another. The concept of connected vehicles is not really new, even though limited in use, most of the high-end cars today have an obvious element of connectivity. Be it connecting the car with a smartphone or Bluetooth to use the entertainment systems, there are some noticeable transformation that has happened in the recent past. However, as IoT becomes a reality for vehicles, new car technologies become more pervasive with growing number of manufacturers and developers participating in pushing the boundaries of ‘in-car experience’ as well as to optimize the way the car connects with the outside world.

Right from telematics to an autonomous drive, digitalisation of the automotive sector is crucial to the unrelenting growth of the industry while also ushering diversity, security and sustainability. The automotive industry is working hand-in-hand with some of the pioneers in connected technology companies to deliver advanced, safe and comfortable vehicles that are like large smart gadgets with emergency brakes, fuel efficiency, smart driving features, etc.

Let’s take a look at what autonomous driving is all about and how connected vehicles are taking ‘THE’ next big thing.

Vehicle Safety through Connectivity

Almost 90% accidents are caused due to human error. This can be avoided if vehicles go autonomous. Automotive IoT has made it possible to lace cars get equipped with sensors, cameras, location tracking, digital door and remote control heaters and these are only stepping stones. There is more to it. The most important aspect of connected vehicles is in-vehicle safety. Emergency call features that need no human assistance, allows authorities to get an alert in case of mishaps. Functional safety services also allows to expedite emergency response and save lives.

Improved Human Machine Interaction through AI

One of the major factors that will impact the future of connected vehicles is the vehicle’s ability to interact with its master, the man, mostly, be it content personalization or Cloud based driver profile/gamification. Leaving aside the connection between a man and his automobile, there is a growing need of brining in the overall human experience in the car, be it ride sharing, gaining the same connectivity to entertainment or going green. This pushes automotive manufacturers to provide better than the best immersive information experience and explore vehicle to human, vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure Connect.

Tackling Consumer Privacy Concerns through Enhanced Security

As the interest in connected vehicles increase, privacy concerns can’t be ignored. While it will be easy to woo the consumers with a high-end car, the lack of privacy can pose a potential threat to the overall sale of these vehicles. This leaves just one options for the auto manufacturers to assure connected safety and superior driver assistance to trail blaze the automated driving era. Combining augmented reality with drive insights and cloud-connected analytics manufacturers now need to plugin systems that offer remote vehicle update, vehicle analytics and cyber security services that assure real-time and swift response.

Moving toward a Self-Driving Future through innovative IoT

The possibilities with autonomous cars are endless. Right from advanced driver-assistance systems, location tracking, intelligent on-board navigation such as cameras and sensors for front & back collision warnings and brake assistance, self and remote parking to auto emergency response, automotive IoT is changing the very way vehicles are used today. Fully autonomous cars or self-driving cars are likely to replace the semi-autonomous cars and will help eliminate various human errors, and make driving experience safer, efficient and pleasurable

Pave the Way for Future for Autonomous Cars with Quest

Quest is the leading connected vehicle solutions provider with intelligent, innovative and highly integrated infotainment solutions. Quest provides one of the most advanced solutions for navigation, intuitive user interfaces, connectivity, security, and safety, to name just a few. Quest is delivering a dynamic in-car experience for an increasingly connected world.

While enabling automakers to develop secure and reliable connected vehicle services, Quest also addresses the complete vehicle and subscriber lifecycle & supports a new era of connected safety with advanced driver-assistance systems as we blaze the trail of automated driving. For global automakers, Quest enables cognitive intelligence along with services like development of IVI, instrument cluster, connected systems, autonomous systems, e-mobility, shared mobility and more.

Be it Vehicle to Vehicle Connect (V2V, V2I), content personalization, FOTA/SOTA, traffic management solutions, electrification solutions, Predictive content analysis, vehicle health & diagnostics or creating intelligent transport systems, Quest helps auto manufacturers with a hoard of emerging trends in developing autonomous vehicles.

Written by Quest Global

on 25 Jan 2019