Application of design automation to reduce cycle time of hydro turbine design

Hydropower is the largest renewable source of electricity and there is lot of focus in upgrading existing hydel Power plants in India, or set up new ones. With the rapid growth in the demand for electricity and increased credit risks in the financial markets, there is a strong business driver to reduce the design to

De-automation to achieve lower cost manufacturing

In most product companies, one of the major objectives in any organization’s quest for achieving manufacturing excellence involves lowering manufacturing costs while ensuring quality. This becomes more complex when there are multiple product lines and verticals/domains involved. One method that has been used effectively to achieve lower cost and eliminate defects is the automation of

Engineering services outsourcing in the machine tool industry

In the era of fast moving products that need to be developed within a stipulated time-frame, manufacturing has undergone a major revolution in the engineering of products. Two of the industry domains that are causing this

Enhancing marketing performance – discussions

The organisation i work in, Quest Global, is a privately held engineering services outsourcing and manufacturing company. We work with companies in the aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, industrial,

Globalization and programme management

Engineering outsourcing space is undergoing a tremendous change in characteristics from aiming at tactical to strategic benefits. What started as manpower availability and cost savings initiatives have now metamorphed into organizationally strategic initiatives like driving diversity, adding new capabilities to the organizations and capturing new markets. Driving this to success has been a major challenge

Need for soft skills in global engineering services

In this article we will go deep into one specific industry – Global Engineering Services” and use it as an example to conclude that there is no “one size fits all” solution for managing soft-skills. Soft-skills get developed and matured in the course of time and a soft-skills practitioner has to deal with “Variance”- lots

Cost reduction of a product through value analysis & value engineering

The current business scenario is very demanding with a continuous demand from the market forces to reduce the product price. The pricing as demanded by the market, forces the businesses to reduce product development and manufacturing costs to remain competitive. Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE) methods are very important and useful in driving down

Role of Fesign for Six Sigma (DFSS) in Designing And Building Test Rigs for Commercial Aircraft

In designing and building Test Rigs for commercial aircraft, DFSS provides a rigorous, proactive, and systematic methodology to integrate customer requirements with the Right First Time design approach and provides the ability to incorporate performance characteristics into the product development processes. It also provides the essential parameters to achieve product excellence by measuring, verifying, and

Offshoring compliance engineering indispensable strategy

Product engineering is a challenging business. It is driven by very high volume and low margin just like businesses in all other segments like oil and gas, paper and pulp, medical, mining, marine, power, energy, or cement. Most of the sales of a new product happen during the first three months of its introduction. Customers

Application of simplified algorithm to dramatically reduce specific fuel consumption

This white paper considers the challenges of turbine active clearance control and proposes a unique approach in reducing the tip clearance control of a civil aircraft engine. The algorithm proposed in this paper can be incorporated in the engine Digital Engine Control Unit (DECU) so that Active Clearance Control (ACC) systems can be more accurate